Goode Rider – Experts in FIT & STYLE

and with a passion for fashion.

In 2004, Co-Founders Lorna Goode and Kristin Calandra, cracked the code on equestrian fashion and jumped the fence for greener pastures. They started their own equestrian apparel design company, Goode Rider.

They were tired of looking like “frumpy” from the barn! As a result, the two were craving outfits that could transition from the barn and beyond and with a background of design and fashion merchandising, Lorna Goode and Kristin Calandra define themselves as expert product people, with a passion for both design and horses. By bootstrapping their strengths and collaborating on a stylish equestrian brand, Goode Rider was born!

With a love of horses, comfort, style, and fit, Goode Rider is designed for both equestrians and fashionistas alike. The line includes a complete Collection for Women, Men, and Children with Breeches, Jackets, Coats, Vests, Shirts, and Sweaters. Goode rider is developed with the latest performance technologies, premium fabrics & current fashion trends. Goode rider is one of the most stylish equestrian lifestyle brands of today.

“We were tired of looking frumpy and dirty, coming from the barn,” says Goode. “We wanted a look that could take you from the barn and beyond…”

“In today’s busy lifestyle, who has time to go home and change?”, says Calandra. “We created a look where you don’t have to.”

So the line is not only fashionable. The collection is designed to provide women with the best fit, style and comfort and utilizing the latest performance fabrics and technologies. Most items in the line have Stain Stopper™ and that is a water proof repellence that keeps you clean and dry.